Topical Sermon Outlines

Topical Sermon Outlines is an explanation of how to write topical sermon outlines for your congregation that have cohesion and sequence. In other words, your sermon will have a natural flow to it because you have spent time planning the course of your sermon.

Topical Sermon Outlines

Topical sermons are sermons created from biblical topics; such as, love, forgiveness, grace, hope, marriage, etc, etc.

However, to create a topical sermon outline for your topic sermon, you need to keep in mind the following. A sermon has three parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Usually the sermon outline is the body of your sermon.

Furthermore, your sermon outline has three parts; such as, the main preaching point, sub-points and incidental points.

When I write a sermon outline, I keep three features of sermon outlining in mind.

1. The Main Preaching Point

Recently, I preached a couple of sermons on Christian love from Romans 12. The topic of my sermon was Christian Love; however, the main preaching point was how to express Christian love to other.

When you choose your topic for your sermon, you need to look for an angle or perspective from which you will preach your sermon.

In the sermon above, I chose the angle of how to express Christian love to others. Choosing an angle or perspective to your topic is very important because it tells your congregation what you are going to preach about. I usually ask the why, what, when, where and how of the topic to form the main preaching point.

Topical Sermon Outlines

Just to give you another example. You may want to preach on the biblical topic of forgiveness. There are several different angles or perspectives associated with forgiveness. You may look at the benefits of biblical forgiveness. You may look at the tenets of biblical forgiveness. You may look at the healing power of biblical forgiveness. You may look at the steps in biblical forgiveness and so forth.

The important feature here is to develop an angle or perspective to your topic so that you can create the main preaching point.

2. The Key Word or Hinge Word

Once you have created your main preaching point, you will need to choose a key word or hinge word to swing all your sub-points from your main preaching point. By the way, the key word or hinge word must be a plural noun.

In the sermon above, the key word or hinge word is ways. There are six ways to express Christian love to others. The first ways invovles... The second ways involves... The third way involves... The forth ways involves... The fifth ways involves... The sixth way involves kindness.

By using a key word or hinge word to swing your sub-points from your main preaching point, you create a sermon that flows naturally as you preach it to your congregation.

3. The Sub-points and Incidental Points

Your sub-points should expand or explain your main preaching point. In the sermon above, the sub-points simply explain how to show Christian love to others.

However, you may want to expand one of the sub-points. You many want to expand the sub-point harmony. In the sermon above, I look at three ways to foster harmony - don't retaliate, do what is right and try to live at peace with others.

Some Concluding Comments

Once you have completed your topical sermon outline, you need to write content and add illustrations to your sermon outline.

Once your sermon outline has content and illustrations, you will need to write an introduction and a conclusion.

Of course, this is only one way to write Topical Sermon Outlines. I find this paradigm works for me.

Topical Sermon Outline (Romans 12:14-21)

There are six ways to express Christian Love to others. They involve...

  1. Forgiveness (12:14)
  2. Empathy (12:15)
  3. Humility (12:16)

  4. Three ways to foster humility:
    1. Avoid Dissension
    2. Avoid Snobbishness
    3. Avoid an Inflated Ego

  5. Harmony (12:17-18)

  6. Three ways to foster harmony:
    1. Don't Retaliate
    2. Do What is Right
    3. Live at Peace With Everyone

  7. Faith (12:19)
  8. Kindness (12:20-21)

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